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Nail Clipping Costs Too Much!!March 8 2014

dog nail clipp

Does getting your dogs nails clipped feel like you are being ripped off ?

As a groomer and shop owner I hear it all. Some people are upset with paying the price on pretty much anything that can be done quickly to their pet. So when they bring their pups in to get their nails done, and it takes us 2 minutes to do all four paws... They don't like paying the $12. or worse when it takes two of us 5 minutes to clip those nails and it costs $18.00 they certainly don't want to pay up..  But behind the price comes experience and safe handling skills. It may take us 2 minutes to do those nails, but the owner 20minutes. That is because we know how to hold, manuever and control a dog not wanting this done. We groomers paid for our education on this skill.. And yes it is a skill.. I have heard of far to many owners cutting their dogs nail, having the dog and them panic, blood everywhere, ending in crying on the kitchen floor holding their pup feeling like terrible owners.  Now there are people you can pay for this service so you no longer have to fight and wrestle your pet into submission for nail clippings. We are there for you, trained on how to do it safely and make it a good experience for everyone. Yes we may look like goof balls, covered in hair, but behind all that fluff there is a loving trained professional.



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