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Why we are differentDecember 4 2013

farley getting a blow dry

I was asked "why are groomers x,y, z prices all different then The DIrty Dog Shop" At that time I didn't know what to say. Then as people kept pouring into the shop with stories of un-groomable dogs and time after time we got them finished.. and time after time, those dogs became more relaxed. Not to say all dogs can be groomed here, and that those other shops aren't as good, because they are, there are some amazing groomers in this town.. We are just different.

Why do you think now that we are a little bit more than x,y,z?

Because we listen... we listen to what the dogs are saying to us.  We will lay on the floor with a giant dog who cannot stand, and blow dry them, to keep them relaxed.  We add extras like a belly rub, or a cuddle when we are done.

Because we keep going to seminars, and studying animals. We want to learn about how animals communicate...........why...... so we can help your pet.... so we can learn how to calm an anxious dog, teach them to trust a situation, and gain confidence while away from their owners.

Because to us it isn't just a bath, it has a science behind it. We look at the skin (dry, oily, flakey, lumpy), ears(discolouration), nails (if they are brittle or not), toes (how the feet look around nail bed) , coat(dry, oily, brittle) and last but not least, we style to fit the pet. We use products to help keep the skin feeling its best.  We use scrubs on skin to help it breath,  special rinses to help yeasty skin and much more that some people may never even think of.

This is why we are different.. And being different.... is good.