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Family FunNovember 12 2013

Some flufy dirty dogs

Family Fun

This is a family that we love having over. Imagine three pups stroll into your shop, tight curls, sand in their hair, tuckered out from playing and having a blast! It is up to us to bring that coat back, fluff those curls up, and make them beautiful..  So we break out the Filthy Animal shampoo. Scrub, rinse, scrub, brush, rinse and repeat. Condition to bring back the softness of the coat, rinse and the fun begins.... Dry, fluff, brush, cuddle and snuggle. Once the pups are all cleaned up and dry, off to the styling table. First up... Deciding on style, what will make the pup look their best, also... what the pup will let us do for them.. So after a few hours we transform them into the perfect fluffy balls , with little feathers in their hair.  And another day is done!