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How are you choosing your groomer?September 5 2013



So often I get calls from people looking to switch groomers. The only questions I get asked are the wrong ones.  Most people choose their groomer by price, and date avaliable. Never really asking what qualifications their prospective groomer has.  In my years as a groomer only once have I been asked what my credentials are.  This to me is scary and  concerns me when I hear people are looking for a new groomer- Why are they looking and what is it that they are unsatisfied with .  But when they ask pricing first without asking what education is behind those prices, and decide that they would rather save a buck than go with someone who has reputable business practices.. Than they are not making a educated decision, This isn't costco where you save money and still get a great product. It is your pets we are talking about. And if you are looking for a $25 groom, you get what you pay for.

The Dirty Dog Shop has regular customers from  Sydney ,Halifax and even as far as Calgary.  They bring their pets to us because they have never seen their dogs as relaxed after leaving a grooming shop.  This is because here we understand your pet. We know how to make your pets experience it's very best. We take sanity over vanity.. So if your pup is stressing out ... we dont force them through it. We look for a better alternative to help your pet.. Grooming isn't something all dogs enjoy. Unless they regularly get groomed, most just tolerate it. But it is necessary.

 I hear in the news far to often about groomers injuring pets, abusing them, and rough handeling and it is sometimes accidential; but sometimes it is because they are untrained to be handeling animals.   In Nova Scotia there is no rule that says you need certification to be a groomer. So you could be taking your precious pet to someone who learned off a dvd they watched.   Sometimes there is a reason that a groom is a steal of a deal at $25 (which a certified groomer would charge 45$ for).  Effectively a $45 groom should be 1-1.5hr on a coat in good condition. that cost helps pay for high quality products, maintenance to tools being used, and staff training.  Now at $25 for 1.5hr they are making less therefore to pay for all the items a shop needs.  What quality will they be able to use?


I never go discount when it involves my pets.  And I find it odd that someone would spend money to purchase a pet.. and squable over a few dollars in pricing.


So in the end... When you are searching out a new groomer (for whatever reason) ask more questions.. You should never go based on pricing.

Dirty Dog Staff- And what we have to offer your pet.

Missy-I began my career 4.5 yrs ago and was a quick study.  Besides the basic grooming course I took, I signed up with an International Professional Groomer Association so I could have training , and more education avaliable for myself. I have also attended animal handeling workshops, behaviour workshops, and do a lot of self study. I spend a lot of time and money on learning to be the best groomer I can be, to which I am still learning and will always be. (and that doesn't just mean knowing how to clip a certain cut.That means learning about skin conditions, coat types, handeling all types of dogs, and cats. Learning health signs, and how to keep your pets safe and calm in a sometimes stressful enviroment) .

Daisy-  She has spent 9 months as a bather/grooming assistant. She has been put through her paces on learning coat preperation, product usage, preperation with matted dogs, handeling wild and crazy dogs, and soft and cuddlie ones. Daisy has been learning all this and is now apprentising. She has been prepping for her IPG testing to begin her journey as a groomer. 

Courtney- New to The Dirty Dog Shop , brought in as a beginner bather.