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How to help with fleasApril 8 2013

Ekkkk Fleas....

Daily vacuuming is your first line of defense.  Using a vacuum on all upholstered surfaces and flooring can suck up most immature flea forms.  They don’t move quickly and are easily sucked up.  The most important thing is to be sure to dispose of the full vacuum bag or to dump the canister outside.  Avoid using central vacuums as they can be hard to empty.  A full vacuum is a nice safe place for fleas to mature and then crawl out at their leisure.  Get them out of your house as soon as you can!

 Anti-flea products are available to help kill immature life stages.  Diatomaceous earth is a natural dust that mechanically dehydrates bugs. Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives stocks a food grade version of diatomaceous earth that can be used to protect your home. By sprinkling it on your carpets and flooring you can make your home inhospitable to fleas and kill the larvae that are already there.  The earth is composed of dried skeletons of diatoms; it works by scratching the outside of bugs so that they dehydrate.  The earth also naturally absorbs oils, like those found in insect shells and further weakens them.

 Although non-toxic, diatomaceous earth can irritate breathing passages so when spraying it around consider using a mask to protect yourself and strew it well away from your face.  It can be left in carpets and upholstery as the natural moisture in these furnishings keep it from becoming airborne and causing a problem.  Vacuum it up after a couple of days and in addition to cleaning up it will keep your vacuum flea free as well.

This was taken from Full Circle Vet Blog