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What To Look For In A GroomerMarch 27 2013

Looking for a groomer

What you should be looking out for

              Here is a topic I think more people should spend more time on. What to look for in a groomer...And price should not be a factor when taking in all factors.

         As a groomer and business owner, I hear lots of stories on other groomers. Some good, some not so good. People seem so suprised when they hear that they have been missinformed on grooming practices, handling skills, and even grooming styles.  I have had  people tell me that they didn't know their shihtzus  coat didn't have to be shaved off, or that their last groomer shaved a healthy double coated breeds coat off completely to keep them cool.  Instead of going into detail on why shaving certain breeds is wrong, I am going to tell you what to look for in your groomer. 

       There is an organization which is becoming popular- The International Professional Grooming Association. It hosts workshops atleast every 6 months, with breed standard testing in practical skills and written knowlegde. Being a member you are required to keep your skills upgraded and attended workshops.  Although many groomers over the years have become members of one organization or another and taken their tests, but unless they continue upgrading they won't be getting the updated skills . Think of your hairdresser- imagin going to someone who still offers bowl cuts??? 

   Breed grooming trends change just as peoples cuts, and especially with designer breeds booming, new styles are emerging daily. I have included a link below for you to see what you should be looking for when searching out a groomer.

What to look for in a groomer