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What Are You Feeding Your Pets?March 20 2013

What Are You Feeding Your Pets?

            I know I am not an animal nutritionist, and No I didn't spend years studying diets of dogs and cats. But, I do know what I personally have seen and lived with my own pets. 12 years ago when i scooped up my little guy Remy as a 6 month old pup with my then boyfriend (now husband) and headed to the grocery store to get the best dog food $15 could buy. And that $15.00 was for a 30lb bag.  Now, remember at 17 years old, that was all I could afford. But after a the first year and lots of vet bills for ear infections, anal gland issues, dry skin, hives, and hot spots, the vet said I needed to upgrade my dog to a special diet of lamb and rice dog food due to allergies. So I just switched the flavor to lamb and rice.  Seemed to work...... for a little while, then all the issues came back, and after spending $50,100,200 each time at the clinic..                                                                                                                    Someone said why don't you try a better brand of food. Better quality means you feed less quantity.. Sounded good to me, I figured out the cost per day on what I was feeding my pet to what I was going to upgrade to ($54/bag) $1.80 per day as apposed to the $0.50 cents I was previously paying.. But as I thought of it, I spend more than that a day on coffee, so for my pup it was a no brainer.. I couldn't believe it, after one month I saw a big difference, a great difference, one that changed my belief in what I fed my pets. I spent lots of time researching diet, and animal health, but didn't waiver on changing up the food, figured it was working why change it. Until I realized I was slowly killing my pet with expensive food. my pup was over weight, he was so deprived of nutrients before, that when he got his new food all he wanted to do was EAT> he went from 50lb up to 72lb at his heaviest.  We lived an active lifestyle, but he kept the pounds on until he was around 9 years old when he just suddenly dropped weight down to 40lb. I switched him around to different brands, this time sticking in the $70-80 price range, and no difference in weight. His eyes had gone blueish and fuzzy, and he seemed frail but always in good spirits.  This stayed the same until I took my grooming course, and was introduced to raw pet food.  And as a vegan, feeding my dogs a natural diet seemed perfect. I introduced my pups to raw food and it was a hit.    They loved it, I mean, when I was preparing it they would quiver with excitement. To me, that said it all.. After a short time on raw, my older dogs eyes cleared up, he gained weight up to a healthy 50lbs, and had the piss and vinegar of a young pup. This to me was the proof i needed to hold strong in my quest for a healthier pet.  Now he never had to return to the vet for ear issues, or gland issues, and he was able to eat a variety of food, no longer restricted to boring lamb and rice.. He was able to have mackrel, beef, real lamb, chicken, tripe, chicken necks, you name it, he ate it!  I account for the last years I spent with my pup to his new found diet, though it was late in life, I saw an amazing change. Enough to make me a believer.  I find it hard though as when i tell people about raw food, they are scared, but why is it so hard to convince people to feed their pet real food, when they do it for themselves.  I just think that if I had to eat one type of food every day of my life how boring it would be, so imagin our pets..