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Just A BathMarch 12 2013

Just A Bath

As a groomer, we so often get asked for pets to get "just a bath" and when we tell people the price, and time required they are shocked.  As a groomer our version of a Bath is much more indepth than most at home bathers.  To start even the simplest baths begin with a brushing, or blowing out the coat. Then, we do a pre- bath to help break down the dirt that is built up on the coat. After it is rinsed, we recirculate another bath, brush out coat, rinse, and repeat again. Wash the face( gently comb out eye boogies), ears (scrub out wax left on ears), bum (which bums normally have poopies on them, so a full scrub is needed on that zone) Once clean, we condition the coat, brush out again while the coat is sitting in conditioner.  Rinse ... Then wring out all the water, wrap in a towel to help soak up moisture. During this, we normally clip nails, clean/dry out ears. Then spritz with a leave in conditioner, and blow dry with a high velocity dryer. When the coat is almost dry, we then spritz again and break out the heat dryer to "fluff/ stretch" the coat, while yet still brushing out any undercoat. Once done, this simple "just a bath" now needs tidying around toes, face and bum. So when you ask for Just a bath, just remember this!